Jebo Fish Tank Aquarium Protein Skimmer 520 With PUMP Power Head

Jebo Fish Tank Aquarium Protein Skimmer 520 With PUMP Power Head
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Product Description

AQUARIUM JEBO Protein Skimmer

New Improved 2007 JEBO 520 Skimmer

Message For Our Loyal Customers

JEBO Company has been importing advanced technology, and itsĄŻ equipments from Japan, Germany and Italy since 1994. JEBO Company is the first large aquarium article manufacturing factory with advanced and mature technology. The aim of JEBO is to manufacture the highest grade of aquarium tank sets and articles. With these top grade aquarium products, our customers can create a natural water ecological environment for their fishes with ease and enjoyment.

Protein Skimmer is a must have for saltwater aquariums. Protein skimmer functions to remove organic pollutants in the water, thus maintains higher water quality and lowers the frequency of water changes. JEBO protein skimmer is the best valued protein skimmer in the market.

JEBO aquarium 520 Skimmer improves skimming efficiency and gas exchange with venturi action. Water and air swirl together to producing abundant mini air bubbles in the vortex chamber, rapidly drawing out dissolved wastes.

Bubble foam is collected in a top mounted collection cup. Very easy to use and maintain. Ideal skimmer for both new and experienced marine aquarists. 520 skimmer completes with a powerful AP5200 power head.


  • AP5200 Full submersible power head included. (800 g/h)
  • Air injection control for quick, easy, and precise adjustment.
  • Suitable for all marine aquariums up to 300 gallons.
  • Efficient protein skimmer with venturi action.
  • No air stone necessary.
  • Suitable for 1.5m~3m Sea Water Aquarium
  • More effective than air-driven protein skimmers.
  • Vortex reaction chamber.
  • High Efficient, Flexible Installation
  • Molded return spout.
  • Air injection bracket, easier access.
  • Air injection control above water level.
  • High capacity collection chamber.
  • Suitable for Marine and Fresh Water
  • Power Head AP5200 ($60 Value Included)